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 you just call or click to order we Deliver To your home, office or CrossFit box, in and around Medway MA., Every delivery within the an hour of Medway MA. is delivered every day any order that is placed before 12pm the day before will be delivered the next day please specify where and when you would like your delivery 

Pafered delivery days or nights Monday - Wednesday - Friday

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-You need the right fuel to perform better as a competitive athlete;

-You need carefully balanced dishes to help manage allergies, diabetes, Crohn’s or other diseases; or​

-You’re just looking to improve your overall health and wellness through diet, we are here to help you reach your goals—with taste!

Pangea delivers

to your CrossFit box, home, or place of work within Massachusetts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can order a la carte or we can make a specific weekly or monthly meal plan tailored for you and your family. 

we also cater

special events and offer cooking lessons so you can learn how to prepare your own specialty foods at home. Access our extensive menu through the Menu tab above. 

Order your meals by phone, through email, or via the Menu tab. We accept payment via Paypal and will be delighted to work with you to meet your nutritional goals.

about our name

During the Paleozoic era 300 million years ago, all land in the world was connected into a single supercontinent called Pangea. Over the millennia, as earthquakes have splintered tectonic plates and oceans have risen and fallen, Pangea broke apart and eventually drifted into the seven continents we know today.The word Pangea means “entire Earth” in ancient Greek. With that meaning in mind, Pangea was developed to help people reach their nutritional needs while drawing from the basic, whole foods our bountiful earth offers. With a look towards our ancient origins as a species that evolved during the paleolitic era, long before a preservative ever existed. 

we bring you the best nutrition

mother nature can provide.

it is what we do...

Pangea Cuisines in Medway promotes Healthy Eating in Medway, with high quality food. We have the Best Chef in Medway, Chef Andrea prides her self on being able to adapt any recipe to your diet and the test is amazing!  Pangea Cuisines specialize in Paleo-friendly foods, along with other specialty diets that are built with nutritious, real food. Chef Andrea Crow makes every dish Pangea serves from fresh whole foods; you won’t find any artificial, manufactured, or altered foods at Pangea.

Pangea has partnered with local farms to bring you the best food that meets your nutritional needs regardless of the reason you’re seeking to eat well and live better. No matter whether:

About Pangea Cuisines in Medway