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 you just call or click to order we Deliver To your home, office or CrossFit box, in and around Medway MA., Every delivery within the an hour of Medway MA. is delivered every day any order that is placed before 12pm the day before will be delivered the next day please specify where and when you would like your delivery 

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Looking for a Food Truck Pangea Cuisines "The Continental Drift" travels all around the eastern half of Massachusetts, think Worcester east. The truck can be found at food truck festivals, town and city festivals, CrossFit boxes, farmers markets, and private events. We provide fresh, locally sourced food at the highest quality that tastes amazing! 

Want us at your next event? Call (508)298-9508 or email pangeacuisines@gmail.com us to book your event or send us some information on an event you want to see us at your favorite location or event. Check out our Continental Drift Page for more information 

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Relax and let us do the cooking  

Pangea Cuisines Catering services in Medway Area is the answer to quick and easy services. an elegant catering near me is hard to find? The best thing about Pangea Cuisines is we do it all the cooking, set up and clean up of your party or event. These are just a few ways Pangea Cuisines can make that next event go seamlessly -

     1)  Having a family gathering or an event and want all the food to suit everyone? With the help of our experts we can customize any menu to fit your needs with diet friendly food that everyone will like . 

      2)  Have an Office meeting that just can't stop for lunch or just need to fuel the office with great food to keep the creative flow continuing? Pangea Cuisines offers office meals that everyone will love. From a breakfast meetings to the late night cocktail party to celebrate that big contract, Pangea Cuisines is here for you with professional staff, elegant presentation, while staying on budget.  

       3) You need to have specifics when it comes to the meals you can Pangea Cuisines welcomes meal modifications, and nutritional facts with every meal served upon request. When other Chef's get flustered, Pangea Cuisines Chef's welcome the challenge!

        4) Looking for quick meals you can keep on hand that stick to your diet? Pangea Cuisines online ordering system provides only the highest quality food at your fingertips.

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There’s food that is delicious, and then there’s healthy food — but why can they not be one in the same? That’s the ideological framework that Chef Andrea brings to Pangea Cuisines, HEALTHY can be TASTY too! Chef Andrea favorite pastime is experimenting with natural ingredients to make food that is both healthy, and doesn’t upset our tastebuds. Oh, do you have a particular allergy or dietary need? Well, if anyone can provide you the delectable meal you’re looking for, while meeting every standard you have, Chef Andrea is the chef for you. No matter if you are planning a family gathering, or simply need a meal ready to go, she is ready and up for the challenge. Pangea Cuisine, where Chef Andrea takes our Earth’s first existing flavors and creates contemporary, delicious and natural meals ready to go.